Consistent performance, durability and designed with efficiency and least environmental impact regarding our product, processes and packaging in mind, Fisher pre-rinse spray valves are the perfect spray vavles in any foodservice operation.


  1. 1.15GPM Energy Efficient Nozzle – No O-Rings to Leak. Threads into valve body.
  2. High-Strength Bronze Alloy Handle – NOT Plastic – Means Full “ON”. Insulated for safety.
  3. Fits ALL Brands.
  4. Ultra-Spray™— advanced, high efficiency design...1.15 GPM @ 60 PSI. Reduced flow rate is not for pot filling, or use as a utility spray, but it’s ideal for efficient pre-rinsing of dishes, trays, etc.
  5. Standardized Internal Gaskets — easy to repair.
  6. Standard Protective Full-Surrounding Dish Guard Bumper — eliminates leaking.
  7. Optional Snap-In Cleaning Brush.
  8. Built-In Spray Handle Clip — won’t fall off.

Spray Valves