Consistent performance, reliability and overall value have helped make Fisher industrial reel rinses an industry standard. Designed with the commercial kitchen operator in mind the Fisher industrial reel rinse is second to none. Fisher industrial reel rinses have acquired an outstanding reputation over the years as the foremost in quality without equal. Fisher industrial reel rinses make water conveniently available in all kitchen areas. Universally designed models are available for ceiling, wall, and under-counter mountings. All reel rinses are furnished ready to install and feature a 3-ply, 200 lb. working pressure hoses.

Reel Rinse Types

Reel Rinse Units

Reel Exposed, 30' Hose, Spr...

Part # 29801

List Price: $1,140.00

Reel Under Counter, 20' Hos...

Part # 29841

List Price: $710.00

Reel Covered, 30' Hose Spra...

Part # 29851

List Price: $1,530.00

Reel Covered, 30' Hose, Spr...

Part # 32027

List Price: $1,540.00