Quickly and Easily Solve Old-Style “Pop-Up” Drain Problems with the Advanced DrainKing™ from Fisher.

In today’s competitve market, many foodservice operators overlook one of the most important components in their operation... the drain valve. Every commercial kitchen has one or more multi-compartment stainless steel sinks...whether it’s for prep, ware washing, or general service... and many of these sinks are fitted with “cheap” pop-up style drains that can cost you big.

The Strain of an Unsecured Strainer

Pop-up drains typically feature an unsecured strainer that over time can become misplaced or lost. As a result garbage will collect around the pop-up mechanism and clog its operation.

Don't forget the Sewer...

Now, the operator will typically use a utensil to push the garbage through the blockage, damaging the frail “O” ring that seals the poorly designed pop-up drain.

And pushing large chunks of garbage matter through the drain runs the risk of causing a blockage - a potentially expensive problem.

The Damage is Done.

Now, a routine Health Department inspection can land the operator in very hot water.

DrainKing™ Features

Ball Valve

It’s a “Ball Valve” for your sink!

Stainless Steel Rotary Ball

Not a pop-up.

1/4 Turn Fully Opens and Closes Valve

Clear-Through Opening

No need to disassemble for snaking.

Industry standard sealing angle

Extra Sturdy Stainless Steel Clamping Ring.

Solid “Red” Brass Body

Provides long service life.

No adapters required

2” NPT Male / 1-1/2” NPT Female Connections.

Vandal Resistant

Flat strainer is locked in place.

DrainKing™ Rotary Waste Valve


All of this caused by a Pop-Up Drain Valve with an unsecured strainer. Here’s how the DrainKing solves the problem


Unsecured strainer becomes lost or misplaced
Garbage builds around drain at bottom of sink
Garbage is forced through drain with utensil damaging “O” Ring
Drain Leaks; Sink won’t hold water


Vandal-resistant flat strainer is locked in place
Strainer keeps debris clear; No Cam mechanism to further obstruct opening
Stainless Steel Rotary Ball with No “O” Rings
Dual Teflon® Seals ensure against leaking