Pre Rinse Units

Fisher’s Pre-Rinse Units deliver reduced water consumption, energy cost savings and full cleaning power with the squeeze of a handle.


Hose Units

Fisher’s three-ply hydraulic hoses have a stainless steel sheath and end fittings are barbed and compressed to eliminate leakage. Built to last - they’ll provide years of durable service.


Waste Valves and Drains

With its rugged and durable design, the DrainKing™ Waste Valve provides affordable and reliable plumbing for the foodservice industry.


Foot Valves

Fisher Foot Valves provide reliable hands free performance and stand up to the rigorous demands of today’s busy operations.


EZ Install

It’s easy to replace old commercial faucets with the EZ-Install Adapter -- there’s no need to remove the sink from the wall or replace the mounting connection hardware.


Glass Fillers

Fisher’s dependable and durable Glass Fillers help operations provide efficient table water service – increasing table turnovers and impacting profitability.


Component Parts and Accessories

From supply lines and installation kits and elbows and more, Fisher offers a full line of versatile accessories for your commercial plumbing needs.